Bar Mitzvah in Restaurant Israelites

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As you’re probably aware, a Jewish boy becomes a bar mitzvah at the tender age of thirteen. That means he’s considered ready to delve deeper into religious practice and becomes responsible for all of his actions. With that being said, the boy is then prepared to head into the rest of his life.

Now, bar mitzvah occurs naturally on the thirteenth birthday in the Jewish religion, but it’s common for a ceremony and party to be held. There are multiple options when it comes to planning the ceremony; some people want the religious factor so base the whole day around the synagogue, whereas others want it more casual so opt for an events hall.

If you fall into that latter category, then a restaurant with the capacity to hold events is a wonderful idea. Why? Because no great event is complete without tons of delicious food for all the attendees to tuck into. So, if you can have both the ceremony and party in one location, that’s much more convenient and allows the day to run smoothly.

Bar Mitzvah in Israel cost varies depending on several factors. Depending on the number of guests you’re inviting, most restaurants around Israel will be in a position to host your bar mitzvah ceremony. But, one that springs to mind is Bistro 56, which is situated on the beach in Herzliya.  It is one of the Best Restaurants in IsraelIt holds a maximum of 300 people which is enough for most bar mitzvah events and serves tasty kosher food.



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