Bar Mitzvah Israel Cost

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Let’s face it, bar mitzvah is a crucial stage in the life of a Jewish boy and demands a well-planned ceremony. The ritual opens up the door for deeper religious practice and hands total responsibility for their actions as they proceed forward in their life.

Due to the importance of it, people spend a lot of time and money on planning the ceremony. But, the question is, how much money does it actually cost?

There is no definitive answer, as it all depends on your budget and what you actually want the day to consist of. Yes, it’s a serious ritual, but most people make sure it’s an event with room for plenty of celebration afterwards. So, you need to bear that in mind when considering the overall cost.

The first stage is actually booking a venue, as that will take up a large proportion of your budget. Of course, the chanting of the Torah is usually done in a synagogue, but the party aspect requires a private venue. Bar Mitzvah in Restaurant Israelites is highly recommended

Once you’ve got that sorted, you then need to arrange the catering for food and drink for you and all of your guests. Alongside catering, you’ll need some sort of entertainment, which typically comes in the form of traditional Jewish music.

Luckily, Bistro 56 has the capability to handle everything to ensure your bar mitzvah celebrations are second-to-none. Not only is it an affordable venue, it serves scrumptious kosher food and can hold up to 300 people. Bistro 56 is very good restaurant for Small Events in Herzliya. Check it out.

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